My name is Mark Moore. Welcome to my website.

I'm currently studying IT product design here doing things like this, this, and this. I even sometimes manage to get out and do things like this.

I work part time as a research assistant here.

I used to work here and here doing things like this and this. A lot more about my previous career can be found here.

In 2010 i helped co-found the local hackerspace.

Most of my hobby projects include either a flight controller or some sort of Arduino compatible board. Lately it's mostly the ESP8266, since i like hooking useless stuff like this thing or this thing up to the internet. Sometimes i even document the process so others can try it too. I'm quite fond of my wall of data, and especially happy with my ISS lamp

In the future I would like to work somewhere that helps me feel creative, and do something that matters to others.

Also: I tend to mix up when to tweet from here or here. Sorry.